Navarra, by Pierre Wachs
'Les Tentations de Navarre'.

Pierre Wachs studied art in Strasbourg and became an illustrator. He made his debut in comics in 1988 with the comics documentary 'L'Avant-Garde du Rhin - 90 Ans d'Histoire', published by éditions du Signe. This was followed by 'Les Bonnes Fortunes de Cobalt Milos ou l'Histoire de la Banque à Travers Les Âges', an advertising comic for Éditions Coprur. From 1990 to 1994, he did the art for 'Marie Tempête', a series written by Patrick Cothias and published by Glénat.

Les Chiens au Bord du Monde by Pierre Wachs
'Les Chiens au Bord du Monde'.

The collaboration proved successful, and they went on to make 'Les Chiens au Bord du Monde' (1994) and the trilogy 'Le Saumon' (1995-97), the latter being published by Dargaud. Wachs and Cothias resumed their collaboration at Glénat in 1999 with two books of 'Les Tentations de Navarre', a comic about King Henry IV, set in the sixteenth century.

Marie-Tempête by Pierre Wachs

In 2000, 'Malinche' appeared, a one shot album written by his wife Domnok and published by Paquet. He worked with his wife again on 'Sou la Peau, le Serpent' in 2004. Between 2000 and 2003, Wachs participated in all albums of 'Le Triangle Secret', a series written by Didier Convard and drawn by an artist team consisting of Wachs, André Juillard, Gine, Denis Falque and Éric Stalner.

Poèmes Rouges by Pierre Wachs
'Poèmes Rouges'.

Wachs then drew the 'Poèmes Rouges' trilogy from scripts by Joëlle Savey. From 2006 to 2009 he drew the first three cycles of the series 'Secrets Bancaires' from scripts by Philippe Richelle at Glénat. Wachs and Richelle subsequently continued their collaboration at Casterman with 'Opération Vent Printannier' in 2008. In that same year, he worked with Jacques Mazeau on the first volume of the detective thriller 'Disparitions - Retour aus Sources' (Glénat). In 2010 he also drew the fourth installment.

Opération Vent Printannier by Pierre Wachs
'Opération Vent Printannier'.

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