Scream Inn, by Brian Walker

At the age of sixteen, Brian Walker applied for an art job at the Bristol Evening World. He drew war maps and gag cartoons. After service in the Royal Air Force from 1944 to 1947, Walker returned to the College of Art. In 1967, he illustrated the humorous book 'How To Be A Motorist And Stay Happy'. The Scottish publishing house D.C. Thomson offered Walker trial work on several strips. He drew the popular series 'I Spy' in Sparky for almost three years.

A friend introduced him to the Thomson rival Amalgamated Press (IPC), for which he drew 'Three Story Stan' in Whizzer & Chips, 'Fun Fear' in Whoopee!, and 'Plane Jane' in Buster, among others. His most popular work was 'Scream Inn' (1973-1979), which he drew in Shiver & Shake for about six years. After that, Walker produced 'Box-a-Tricks' in Buster and 'Ar Little Uns' in the Bristol Evening Post. In the 1980s, he returned to the comics of D.C. Thomson.

Scream Inn, by Brian WalkerScream Inn, by Brian Walker

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