Ragmop, by Rob Walton
'Ragmop' #8.

The Canadian artist Rob Walton was doing a Masters Degree in Theology, but eventually turned to comics. He started out working in the Silver Snail comic book shop in Toronto and at Andromeda Distribution. His first comics work was the 'Dark Knight' parody 'Pork Knight' and 'Bloodlines', scripted by Barry Blair, published at Aircel and later Vortex.

Ragmop, by Rob Walton

At Vortex, he worked with Dean Motter on 'The Prisoner'. He began a collaboration with Matt Wagner to set up the 'Grendel Tales', that eventually appeared at Dark Horse. Walton did the 'Devil's Hammer' mini-series of 'Grendel Tales', followed by the 'Ragmop' graphic novel.

Grendel Tales, by Rob WaltonGrendel Tales, by Rob Walton
'Grendel Tales'. 

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