Felix ou le grand non by Bruno Wesel
'Félix Ou Le Grand Non'.

Bruno Wesel was born in Cologne, and studied at the Comics Faculty of the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels. It was there that he met most of his future colleagues, such as Jean-Luc Cornette, André Taymans, Christian Durieux and Jean-Luc Englebert. Upon graduation he published his first illustrations in the editorial sections of Spirou magazine, as well as some short stories in cooperation with Cornette, between 1989 and 1992. He also contributed to Lombard's Jet magazine, but he eventually made his mark as a prolific colorist. Starting in 1990, Wesel has done the coloring for artists like Séraphine ('Hybrides'), De Brab, Degotte ('Les Motards'), Salma ('Nathalie') and especially André Taymans ('Caroline Baldwin', a.o.)..

Taymans gave him the opportunity to return to the drawing table when the artists joined forces to draw the series 'Mac Namara' from scripts by Patrick Delperdange for Casterman in 2000 and 2001. They also cooperated on a comic story based on the popular game 'Les Incollables' in the following year. Wesel drew the graphic novel 'Félix Ou Le Grand Non' from a script by Christian Durieux in 2007, while further pursuing his activities as a colorist for the Jacques Martin series 'Alix' and 'Lefranc'.

Mac Namara, by Bruno Wesel
'Mac Namara'.

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