The stupid world of Heinz (October 1993)

29 October 1993

René Windig and Eddie de Jong, creators of the popular Dutch newspaper comic strip cat Heinz, had their first exhibition in Galerie Lambiek.

This first of many 'Heinz' exhibitions coincided with their new book presentation which had the same name.

From the exhibition in Galerie Lambiek, which showed original drawings and sketches of Heinz, it became clear that Heinz is not your regular neighbourhood cat.

The showcases at the exhibition displayed some of the ideas and inspirations which helped both artists to create the adventures of their comic hero. For instance, the title 'Beau Heinz' refered to the famous Laurel and Hardy Foreign Legion film 'Beau Hunks'.

In 'The stupid world of Heinz' the artists explained extensively from which sources (read other comics) they 'lent' other worlds for Heinz to dwell in.

Heinz got lost successively in the worlds of Hans G. Kresse's 'Eric de Noorman', Marten Toonder's 'Tom Poes' and Jim Burnett and George Crenshaw's 'Bartje' (original title: 'Nubbins'), also newspaper comic strips