La Voeu de Marc by Lucie Albon
'La Voeu de Marc'.

Lucie Albon is a French comic artist and children's book author, best known for her graphic novel 'Le Voeu de Marc' (2005) and its sequel 'Le Voeu de Simon' (2007). As a children's book author, her series 'Lili the Mouse' is her best known work.

Life and career
Lucie Albon was born in 1977 in Poitiers, and studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, where she graduated in 2000, the same year as Boulet, Erwann Surcouf, Lisa Mandel, Reno and Nicolas Wild. She participated in several collective publications of Choco Creed, and released a series of six children's picture books about animals with Éditions Glénat between 2001 and 2003, followed by 'Les Animaux de la Savanne' with Éditions Hatier in 2005.

She made her graphic novel debut with 'Le Voeu de Marc' (La Boîte à Bulles, 2005), about a boy whose every wish comes true. The story was written by Nicolas Wild and Boulet, and with Boulet she also made the follow-up 'Le Voeu de Simon' (2007). With the picture book 'Mystères en Coulisse' (L'Élan Vert, 2009), Albon and writer Hélène Kerillis delved into the world of Edgar Degas and classical dance.

Albon has participated in collective books like 'Projet Bermuda' (Librairie Expérience, 2009) and 'La Boîte à Bulles en Images' (La Boîte à Bulles, 2013) and the art book 'Invisibles - Affiches de films inachevés' (Café Creed, 2012). She also provided the coloring for the 'Donjon Zénith' albums drawn by Boulet (Delcourt, 2006-2007). Since 2010 she regularly publishes children's books with Éditions Élan Vert, mostly starring the little mouse 'Lili'.

Lili et Henri à la mer
'Lili et Henri à la mer' ('Lili and Henri at the Beach').

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