How Did He Propose?, by Ruth Atkinson 1949
'How Did He Propose?', 1948. 

Ruth Atkinson was one of the many female comic artists who worked for publisher Fiction House. Atkinson penciled and inked such features as 'Clipper Kirk', 'Skull Squad', 'Suicide Smith' and the single-page, airplane feature 'Wing Tips' in Wings Comics, 'Tabu' in Jungle Comics, and 'Sea Devil' in Rangers Comics. In Wing Comics, Atkinson also continued 'Jane Martin', a series created by Nick Cardy and later drawn by Lily Renée. Atkinson became the company's art director, a job which she quit because it did not leave her time to draw. She became a freelancer, launching the first issues of 'Millie the Model' and 'Patsy Walker' (co-created with Otto Binder) for comic book editor Stan Lee. 'Millie the Model' was later continued by Bill Williams. 'Patsy Walker' was inked by Christopher Rule

Atkinson later drew for some of the first romance comics, including Lev Gleason Publications' Boy Meets Girl and Lover's Lane, through the early 1950s. She left the comics field to get married and have children.

Wingtips, by Ruth Atkinson 1945
'Wing Tips', 1949. 

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