Blook, by Johnn Bakker

Johnn Bakker was a Dutch comic artist, known for the series 'Blook' and 'Dan Teal', that he drew for Pep in the 1960s and 1970s. He had a technical education, and subsequently attended courses at the art school in his birthtown The Hague. After several years sailing the seas, he became a musician and played in the pop group Kick. He also formed the blues duo Subterranaeans with "Down Boy" Jason, using the artist's name "Sleepy" Johnn Bakker.

Toppie Tien, by Johnn Bakker (1969_
Toppie Tien (1969)

Bakker started making comics in the mid-1960s. After some sex strips for the SF magazine Morgen (using the pseudonym Otis Space), he went to work on semi-autobiographical comic stories starring the character 'Mod', but the project remained unpublished. By 1968, he was making the gag strip 'Toppie Tien' for music magazine Muziek Express.

Dan Teal, by John Bakker
Dan Teal

He began an association with comics magazine Pep by De Geïllustreerde Pers in 1969. His first and best-known creation the magazine was the soft superhero 'Blook', a parody on the famous American superhero genre. Bakker worked on the strip in cooperation with the scriptwriters Lo Hartog van Banda and Dick Matena from 1969 to 1974. Another comic he made for Pep was 'Dan Teal', that was written by Geo Staad, pseudonym of none other than the famous Dutch poet, songwriter and man of words Drs. P.

Jab en de Groene Bol by Johnn Bakker
Jab en de Groene Bol (Pep, 1974)

On his own, he made the science fiction stories 'Jab en de Groene Bol' and 'Smock' in 1974. He dropped comics altogether when Pep and Sjors merged to form Eppo in 1975 and became a commercial designer and painter. The infamous Johnn Bakker is however generally credited with the 1982 'Suske en Wiske' parody 'De Keizerkraker', in which the famous Belgian heroes join the squatter's movement. Johnn Bakker has also drawn comics strips for Dutch street newspapers and passed away in September 2006.

De Keizekraker by Johnn Bakker
Suske en Wiske parody De Keizerkraker, signed Willy Dondersteen, but most likely by Johnn Bakker

Johnn Bakker in de Nederlandse Stripgeschiedenis

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