Notre Dame by Jean Bastide
'Notre Dame' #1.

Jean Bastide is a French comic artist and colorist. His oeuvre is varied. From historical series like Yslaire's 'La Guerre des Sambre' (2007-2009) and the Victor Hugo adaptation 'Notre Dame' (2012-2014) with Robin Recht, he was hired as Laurent Verron's replacement on the family gag comic 'Boule et Bill' (2016).

Early life and education
Bastide was born in 1982 in Albi, a commune in South-West France. As a child, he loved reading the 'Lucky Luke' comics by Morris, and later he moved over to manga series like Akira Toriyama's 'Dragon Ball'. On the side he enjoyed himself creating his own comics. He got his vocational and professional training in the field of construction at the Lycee du Sidobre in Castres. While still a student, Bastide regularly participated in the school category Alph'Art contests in Angoulême. In 2003 the jury, headed by Jean Solé, awarded him the prize at the 30th comic festival of Angoulême. In the following year, he headed for Brussels, where he enrolled at the Sint-Lukas School of Arts.

Historical comics
His talent was noted by Bernard Yslaire, who hired the young man to work on one of his series about the Sambre dynasty. Together with his high school friend Vincent Mézil, Bastide was tasked to draw the 'Hugo & Iris' trilogy in the 'La Guerre des Sambre' series, a historical romance story set in 1830. The duo illustrated and colored the three books, which were publised by Futuropolis/Glénat between 2007 and 2009. Bastide subsequently teamed up with scriptwriter Robin Recht to create 'Notre Dame' (2012-2014) at Glénat Caractère, their lightweight and loose adaptation of Victor Hugo's 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame'. The series was intended to have three albums, but only two were published.

Sambre by Mezil and Bastide
'Hugo & Iris' #1, artwork by Bastide and Mézil.

In the meantime, Jean Bastide worked as a colorist for other comics, often in the thriller or fantasy genres. He has lended his talents to 'Elric' (Glénat Grafica, 2013-2017) by Julien Blondel, Robin Recht, Didier Poli and others, 'Alice Matheson' (Soleil, 2015) by Jean-luc Istin, Phil Vandaële and Zivorad Radivojevic, 'Griffe Blanche' (Dargaud, 2015) by Serge Le Tendre and TaDuc and 'Katanga' (Dargaud, 2017) by Fabien Nury and Sylvain Vallée, among other series.

Boule et Bill
By 2016, Laurent Verron left the gag series 'Boule et Bill' to pursue other projects. Publisher Dargaud hired Jean Bastide to replace him, while gag comics specialist Christophe Cazenove became the new writer of the classic gag comic about the kid Boule and his Cocker Spaniel Bill. Switching from a semi-realistic to a humorous drawing style, Bastide decided to stay true to the style and tone of the series' creator, Jean Roba. Instead of continuing in line with Verron's gags, Roba's 1980 episodes became his main inspiration. Bastide and Cazenove's first album was the 37th installment in the series, published in 2016. The duo's tenure furthermore saw the publication of the 40th album and the series' festive 60th anniversary in 2019!

Since 2020, Jean Bastide also tackles another famous four-legged friend of European comics. Together with writer Matthieu Choquet, he makes a spin-off comic with 'Idéfix', the dog from the 'Astérix' comics created by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny. The first story appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of the quarterly magazine Astérix Max! (#10). The series ties in with the upcoming 3D-animated 'Idéfix' TV series (2021) and takes place before the 'Astérix' stories. In this prequel, Idéfix is part of a rebel gang of animals, who stubbornly resist the Roman occupation of Lutetia (present-day Paris).

'Boule et Bill'.

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