Sfinx by René Bergmans
Sfinx (Tina #42, 2009)

René Bergmans is a self-employed illustrator and comics artist. Besides designing postcards, adds and commercial art, he also has several small press comics published, such as 'Praxis', 'Flesh & Bones', and 'Dottie'. He is a regular contributor tot he Dutch girls' magazine Tina since 2002. After illustrating several short stories, he created the series about pop group 'SfinX' with writer Robbert Damen in 2007. He has been writing the comic himself since 2012. Bergmans has illustrated several albums in the advertising comics collection 'Jules en Ollie Stedenstrips' of KBU Uitgevers. In 2009 he drew 'Newton in Nederland' together with Peter FitzVerploegh, from a script by Ad Maas, for the Newton exposition in the Boerhaave Museum in Leiden.

Newton in Nederland by Rene Bergmans
Newton in Nederland, drawn in cooperation with Peter FitzVerploegh


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