Magica De Spell - 'The Wand of Terrible Weather' (D2017-187) - © Disney.

Diego Bernardo Álvarez is a Spanish artist of mainly Disney comics for Egmont in Denmark since 2015.

Early life and career
He was born in 1978 in Gijón, a city at the Bay of Biscay in the autonomous community Asturias. He studied Economics at the University of Oveido and Graphic Design at the Asturias Art School, while publishing his first comic stories in regional publications like the annual Cómic n Asturianu (2004) and the free comic magazine El Gomeru (2005-2006). He moved to Barcelona in 2011, where he studied Comics and Illustration at the Joso School for Comics and Visual Arts. There he took part in a course in Disney art organized by the Danish publishing house Egmont Creative.

Disney comics
In 2015 Bernardo was selected by Egmont's art director Fernando Guëll to draw comic stories for the Disney production division. The course brought forth a new wave of freelance Spanish Disney artists, which also included Cynthia Campanario Pineda, Joan Crexells Aparicio, Xavi Martin Sancho, Sebastián Puñales and Lourdes Rueda Sala. Bernardo's first 'Donald Duck' story was published in Scandinavia in September 2016, and since then the stories he drew have been distributed to Disney licensees all over Europe, as well as Indonesia and China. Diego Bernardo draws mainly longer adventure stories with Donald Duck and his family. He is the visual creator of Dr. Dark, a villain in the Duck Avenger universe, although the character's first appearances were drawn by Flemming Andersen and Fabrizio Petrossi.

Duck Avenger - 'Dark Doom over the Black Forest! (D2016-318)' - © Disney.

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