The Beagle Boys - 'Extreme Beagles' (D2016-282) - © Disney.

Joan Crexells Aparicio is a Spanish artist of Disney comics, who works for Egmont in Denmark since 2016.

Life and career
Crexells is from Santa Coloma De Cervello, Catalonia, and attended the Joso School for Comics and Visual Arts in Barcelona. There, he took part in a course in Disney art organized by the Danish publishing house Egmont Creative, with art director Fernando Guëll and veterans Ulrich Schröder and Daan Jippes as supervisors. By 2016 Crexells was selected to draw comic stories for Egmont's Disney production division. The course brought forth a new wave of freelance Spanish Disney artists, which also included Diego Bernardo Álvarez, Cynthia Campanario Pineda, Xavi Martin Sancho, Sebastián Puñales and Lourdes Rueda Sala. Crexells has been mainly drawing stories with the villainous 'Beagle Boys', the first being published in Scandinavia in October 2016. His first story with 'Donald Duck' as title character saw print in mid 2018.

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