Flintstones by Dick Bickenbach
Flintstones Sunday comic from 1963

Richard Bickenbach was longtime animator for Hanna-Barbera. Spending the first years of his animaton career (the 1930s, 1940s) working as a layout artist and animator for Iwerks and Warner Bros, he joined Hanna-Barbera in 1957, and worked at the animation department until 1975. He is credited for the design of the first official 'Yogi Bear' model sheets, and worked as layout artist on shows like 'Yogi Bear' and 'The Flintstones'. Between 1977 and 1979 he was the main artist for Marvel's 'Flintstones' and 'Yogi Bear' comic book lines (inks by Lee Hooper). He has also provided pencil art to the 'Flintstones' Sunday comic strip from 1961 to 1965.

Flintstones, by Dick Bickenbach

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