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Giuseppe Dalla Santa

(18 September 1950 - 29 April 2011, Italy)  Italy

Giuseppe  Dalla Santa

Le Fantaleggende by Giuseppe Dalla Santa
Le Fantaleggende

Giuseppe Dalla Santa was born in Venice, were he also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. He first comics were published in the magazines LancioStory and Skorpio in 1976/77. Between 1983 and 1985, he cooperated with Miro Missaglia and Caterina Mognato on a western comic for the French publisher Aventures et Voyages. He also cooperated with the publishing houses Dardo (Super Eroica) and Universo (Intrepido). In 1989, Dalla Santa abandonned the realistic drawing style and became an artist for the Italian production of Disney comics by Mondadori.

Topolino, by Giuseppe Dalla Santa

He has illustrated several 'Uncle Scrooge', 'Paperinik', 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Donald Duck' stories for Topolino. He was also a productive artist of 'Paperinik', 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Fethry Duck' stories for the Disney MEGAzine. Dalla Santa is the artist of several mini-series, such as 'Le Sette Meraviglie dei Paperi', about the seven world wonders (text by Fabio Michelini), 'Le Fantaleggende', written by his wife Caterina Mognato, and some continuing 'Mickey Mouse' stories in a historical setting. He has also drawn 'Duck Tales' and 'Rescue Rangers' comics for the American studios in the 1990s. Giuseppe Dalla Santa passed away in April 2011, at the age of 60.

Duck Tales, by Giuseppe Dalla Santa

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