Count Screwloose of Tooloose, by Milt Gross 1929
Comic art by Milt Gross. 

Milton Gross began drawing comics when he was twelve years old, and hardly ever stopped. After doing many odd jobs to support his art, he was hired by the New York American, where his talent was noticed, and he got to work as an assistant to Tad Dorgan. In 1915, his first own comic appeared: 'Phool Phan Phables', a sports page feature, which was soon followed by other brief strips, such as 'Izzy Human', 'Amateur Night', 'Kinney B. Alive', 'And the Fun Began' and 'Sportograms'.

comic art by Milt Gross 1927
Comic art by Milt Gross. 

After serving in World War I, Milt Gross went on to produce strips like 'Frenchy', 'Banana Oil' and 'Help Wanted', but his big break came with 'Gross Exaggerations', a weekly column of prose and cartoons. In 1926, 'Nize Baby', a book collection of some of these columns, appeared and was an instant hit. Under the same title, Gross began a Sunday page feature in 1927. Other books by Gross are: 'Hiawatta Witt No Odder Poems', 'De Night In De Front From Chreesmas', 'Dunt Esk', 'Famous Fimmales Witt Odder Ewents From Heestory' and his Masterpiece, 'He Done Her Wrong'.

Count Screwloose of Tooloose, by Milt Gross 1929
'Count Screwloose of Tooloose'. 

In 1933, Gross was hired away from Joseph Pulitzer's New York World by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, for whom he made strips like 'Count Screwloose of Tooloose', 'Dave's Delicatessen', 'Babbling Brooks', 'Otto and Blotto' and 'That's My Pop!'.

Milt Gross became a celebrity, famous for his cartooning, scriptwriting, radio shows and columns. In 1945, he suffered a heart attack, which forced him to take it somewhat easier. In 1953, a second heart attack proved fatal.

Milt Gross was a strong influence on Al CappMike Fontanelli and John Kricfalusi

Milt Gross Funnies, by Milt Gross (1947)
'Milt Gross Funnies'. 

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