'Uiltje Engnek' (2021).

Edwin Hagendoorn is a Dutch painter and graphic designer, who debuted as a comic artist in 2021 with the graphic novel 'Uiltje Engnek'.

Van Wulften's C.I.C.
Born in Rotterdam in 1968, Edwin Hagendoorn began his art career at age seventeen, doing advertising art. At a 1987 comic festival in Breda, he met Hein de Kort and Eric Schreurs, artists of provocative comics like 'Pardon Lul' and 'Joop Klepzeiker'. Within a month, he had a job at the art studio of their Amsterdam-based publisher, Ger van Wulften's C.I.C. Hagendoorn helped with the production of the 'Joop Klepzeiker' pocket calendars and designs for T-shirts, condoms and other merchandise. At C.I.C., he also worked in a steady collaboration with Hein de Kort on Pardon Lul Magazine (1988-1991).

The Amsterdam comic store Lambiek at Koningsstraat 27, painted by Edwin Hagendoorn for its 50th anniversary in 2018. Among the characters outside the store we recognize Nino Pagot and Antonio Pagot's Calimero, René Windig and De Jong's Heinz being kicked out of the store, Dave Cooper's Eddy TableRobert Crumb's 'Keep on Truckin' character, Joost Swarte's Jopo de Pojo and in the foreground Tex Avery's Droopy, a skull-headed character from Eric Schreurs' free work and Joop Klepzeiker's dog from the Schreurs series 'Joop Klepzeiker'. 

In the evenings, Hagendoorn enjoyed himself making large paintings with oils and acrylic. Discovering his true passion were fine arts, he turned to painting fulltime in 1993. Through workshops from the Amsterdam Institute of Painting (AIS), he became acquainted with the rebellious painters of the After Nature collective, including Jurriaan van Hall and Peter Klashorst. The group tried to break with the prevailing climate of conceptual and theoretical art studies by painting from observation, focusing on landscapes, still lifes, nudes and portraits. Hagendoorn followed their tradition, painting both in his studio and on location. He is especially known for his cityscapes. Living alternatively in the Netherlands and Olhão, Portugal, Hagendoorn's work has been featured in national and international exhitibions.

Graphic novelist
In 2019, after 25 years of professional painting, Edwin Hagendoorn refound a desire to make comics. He began working on 'Uiltje Engnek' (Concerto Books, 2021), a black comedy graphic novel about an owl that witnesses unsettling and perverted scenes in a 19th century Spanish nunnery. The story is told in 120 pictures, inspired by the dark engravings of the Spanish painter and printmaker Francisco Goya. After that, Hagendoorn began work on his next graphic novel project, 'Bubblegum Geisha'.

Edwin Hagendoorn.

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