Biancaneve, by Nino Pagot

Nino Pagot is best known as one of the creators of 'Calimero', the small little chicken with the eggshell on its head. However, he was also briefly active in the comics field, where he created several poetic stories. Born in Venice in 1908, he moved to Milan during World War I. He followed a technical education, and began to draw for several magazines in the late 1920s. He drew for the scouting magazine Attorno al Fuoco, for Corrierino, and big educational pages for Il Giornale delle Meraviglie.

He succeeded Antonio Rubino as the art director of Balilla, and worked as an illustrator for Travaso, Guerin Meschinio and L'Audace. Pagot drew adventure comics for Argenovivo!, such as 'Il Segreto della Miniera'. Between 1937 and 1941, he drew for the Disney magazines Topolino and Paperino of the publishing house Mondadori. There, he did two 'Snow White' stories with Federico Pedrocchi, as well as the realistic comics 'Il Bandito dell'Amba Uork' and 'La Mia Avventura tra gli Arussi'. In 1940 and 1941 he drew 'Casimoro Centimetri' and 'Poldo e Paola' for Il Corriere dei Piccoli.

At this time, Pagot started working in the animation field as well. During the early 1940s, he had done some advertising films, but the experience with the 'Snow White' comics inspired him to further pursue his activities in this field. During World War II, he cooperated with his brother Toni Pagot on projects like 'Lalla, Piccola Lalla' and the long feature film 'I Fratelli Dinamite'. Their studios was destroyed during a bombing in World War II, so the brothers had to the latter film all over again. It was released in 1947. By 1946, Pagot had completely left the comics field and was now head of an important animation company. Organizziazione Pagot produced advertising films for cinema and television, as well as cartoon series like 'Cocco Bacillo', 'Fantasma', 'Omino-goccia', 'Pellicano', 'Gelsomina' and most notably 'Calimero'. The brothers also did commercials with famous comic characters, such as 'Cocco Bill' and the Warner Bros characters. Nino Pagot died in Milan in 1972.

Biancaneve, by Nino Pagot

Calimero, by Nino Pagot

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