Doc Horry, by Carlo Peroni
'Doc Horry'. 

Carlo Peroni was born in Senigallia, Ancona, Italy. He began his career in 1946, working as a restorer and painter of church paintings. A year later, he illustrated the book 'Le Avventure di Pulcinella', and he wrote theatre screenplays. He moved to Milan in 1948 and started contributing illustrations to Il Giornalino, and worked as an editor and artist for the girl's weekly Vispa Teresa.

Negli Abissi Venere by Carlo Peroni
'Negli Abissi Venere'.

Peroni also contributed to the Catholic weekly L'Aspirante', for which he created the characters 'Lillo, Lallo e Lello', using the signature Perogatt. He continued to collaborate with Catholic magazines during the 1950s, and published center spreads, illustrations and comic strips. Peroni, now living in Rome, created various characters, including 'Leo e Poldo', 'Gervasio', and most notably 'Brick', which appeared in Il Giornalino from 1955.

Zio Boris, by Carlo Peroni
'Zio Boris'. 

In addition, Peroni worked in the cinema field from 1953, making short films for American television and working for the Italian broadcasting company RAI. Around 1956, his work appeared in the periodicals Lupettino and Bambola, and from 1960, he cooperated with Il Pioniere, drawing 'Sand e Zeos' and later 'Gigetto' and 'Teddy Sprint'. For the film magazine Cineincontro, he created 'Bruno e Muffa'. Back in Milan in 1963, Peroni returned to animation and worked for Pagot Film and Gamma Film, headed by the brothers Nino Pagot and Toni Pagot. There he cooperated on cartoons with 'Calimero', 'Cocco Bill', 'Sorbolik', 'Capitan Trinchetto', 'Silvestro' and Hanna-Barbera characters.

Sherlock Holmes, by Carlo Peroni (Il Giornalino, 1986)
'Sherlock Holmes'.

In 1963, Peroni produced the comic 'Nerofumo' for Il Piccolo Missionario and from 1967, he worked as an artist, writer and inker on the 'Diabolik' series. Together with Castelli, Baratelli and Gomboli, he founded Tilt magazine, for which he drew stories in all sorts of genres. During the 1970s, he contributed to Sansoni's Horror magazine. He made series like 'Zio Boris' (with Alfredo Castelli) and 'Clown', the first "musical" comic strip written by Pier Carpi and composed by Guatelli. For Psycho magazine, he drew 'Casimiro, il Vampiro Crimiro' and 'Van Helsing, Detective del Soprannaturele' with scripts by Baratelli and Castelli.

Gervasio, by Perogatt

Peroni was also present in Cucciolo and Tiramolla with series like 'Gervasio', 'Mago Merletto', 'Cosmo Pym' and 'Teddy West' (a new version of 'Teddy Sprint'). He joined Il Corriere dei Piccoli, and illustrated editorial sections like Giocaunpo and, from 1971, the 'Gianconiglio' series with scripts by Carlo Triberti. He also worked with Sergio Tofano's 'Signor Bonavventura' character. For Guerin Sportivo, he made 'Marino', as well as sports cartoons. In addition, he made the monthly comic book 'Sonny' for the German Koralle Verlag for a while. Again for Il Giornalino, Peroni created the female character 'Spugna' with Laura De Luca. He illustrated the book 'Parlacosando' by Roberto Catalano and drew 'Telefamiglia' in Famiglia TV. In 1978, he came up with new characters like 'Cocco Paciocco' and 'Doc Horry'.

Sonny, by Carlo Peroni

With fellow authors Alessandrini, Anghinoni, Festino, Scariolo and Telloli, he launched the review 6-96 in 1982, drawing 'Doc Horry', 'Paciocco' and 'Flying Stampella'. He worked for the Milanese publishing house Domus from 1984, drawing 'Gipsy', 'Slurp!' and several advertising strips for the magazine Più. He was also present in Maxi Più with 'Mister Magus'. During the 1990s, he continued to work for the publications of ELI, continuing 'Nerofumo' in Piemme and returning in Il Giornalino with the 'Giromondo' section and the character 'Ispettore Perogatt'.
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