'We're All Human Beings' (graphic report published on Drawing the Times).

Eva Hilhorst is a Dutch illustrator and comic artist, specialized in graphic journalism. Her work was published in the local Belgian news weekly Brussel Deze Week, the Dutch newspaper Trouw and on digital news media like De Correspondent and Symbolia. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of 'Drawing the Times', an international platform for online comic journalism.

Early life and background
Born in 1970, Eva Hilhorst studied Graphic Arts and Photography at the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in Breda. After graduation, she discovered it was difficult to make a living in her profession. Through a friend, she got a job as a chamber maid on a cruise ship. On board, she noticed the discrepancies between the wealthy passengers bathing in luxury and the staff's modest living conditions below sea level. It triggered her to chronicle her experiences in comic format. It was the start of her career in graphic journalism - a comic genre of which Hilhorst became a leading representative and avid promotor.

With her art, Hilhorst tries to understand the world around her and explore human relationships. Recurring themes in her work are topics like migration, politics and the environment. Graphically, she is inspired by the American cartoonist Saul Steinberg, as well as contemporary comic artists like Dupuy & Berberian, Dominique Goblet and Judith Vanistendael. Other influences are the British pop art painter David Hockney and the photographers Robert Frank, Ed van der Elsken and Diane Arbus.

Graphic report by Eva Hilhorst and Wauter Mannaert about the annual Brussels "Zoniënmars" hike (2013).

Graphic journalist in Brussels
Between 2008 and 2013, Eva Hilhorst lived and worked in Brussels, Belgium, where she shared a studio with the comic artists Judith Vanistendael and Wauter Mannaert. In this creative environment, Hilhorst further developed her craft, making drawings and cartoons for the local weekly news magazine Brussel Deze Week. Together with Wauter Mannaert, she made comic reports of socio-cultural events in the Belgian capital, starting in December 2011. To the comic anthology 'Bruss. Brussels in shorts' (Oogachtend, 2013), Hilhorst and Mannaert contributed a story about the mirrored lives of a local Flemish woman and a Romanian immigrant.

Graphic journalist in the Netherlands
In 2013, Hilhorst returned to the Netherlands, where she settled in Amsterdam. Her graphic reports have appeared in De Helling - the quarterly cultural magazine of left-wing political party GroenLinks - and the Amsterdam street newspaper Z-krant, as well as the websites of De Gids, the Instituut voor Beeldtaal (Institute for Visual Language), De Correspondent and the American tablet magazine Symbolia. In 2014, she did a series of six drawn reportages about the European elections for the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw.

Part of one of Eva Hilhorst's graphic reports about the European Union (2014).

Drawing the Times
Together with Mara Joustra and Stijn Schenk, Eva Hilhorst initiated the English-language website 'Drawing the Times'. Its mission statement states that their site aims to be "a platform where committed graphic journalists and cartoonists worldwide publish work that informs, entertains, engages and challenges readers on global issues and local stories", as well as "a front runner in publishing non-fiction visual stories to convince its readers of the importance of visual literacy." Since the November 2015 launch, Hilhorst is editor-in-chief of Drawing the Times, with fellow initiator Mara Joustra and comic creator Merel Barends serving as editors. Apart from work by Hilhorst and Barends, the site features stories by over 100 national and international cartoonists. From the Netherlands, Drawing the Times has multiple stories by Albert Hennipman, Emma Ringelding, Sandrine Martin, Mei-Li Nieuwland, Jules Calis, Aart Taminiau and B.Carrot from the Netherlands. International frequent contributors are Joris Bas Backer (Germany), Judith Vanistendael (Belgium), Mamoste Dîn (France), Gianluca Costantini (Italy), Viivi Rintanen (Finland), Marzen Kerbaj (Lebanon), Victoria Lomasko (Russia) and Aleksandar Zograf (Serbia).

'Humans and Other Animals 2029', Hilhorst's story for 'The Meat Free City'.

Het Huis van Betekenis
Eva Hilhorst is also associated with Het Huis van Betekenis ("The House of Meaning"), a creative hotspot for visual artists in the center of Utrecht, established in 2018 by Albert Hennipman and Mark Schalken. Hilhorst was one of the seventeen contributors to the community's collective crowdfunded anthology book 'De Vleesvrije Stad (in 10 jaar)', a vision in comic format of a future without meat consumption or animal industry.

Promotor and inspirator
Since 2015, Eva Hilhorst is a teacher in Visual Reports at the Illustration department of the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). She is also a keynote speaker in the field of graphic journalism. During the 2016 Comic Festival in the Dutch city Haarlem, Hilhorst was one of the initiators of the 'Drawing Modern Feminism' exposition, a joint collaboration between Drawing the Times and the online feminist magazine LOVER. It featured work by Merel Barends, Eva Hilhorst, Jeroen Janssen & Hilde Baele, Victoria Lomasko, Masha Pikulina, Judith Vanistendael and Ludwig Volbeda. The DTT team has also initiated the Drawing the Times Labs, that train art academy students in telling journalistic stories. For the feminist website Vileine, Eva Hilhorst writes articles about female comic authors.



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