It Was April Fools Day, by F.M. Howarth

Frank M. Howarth's work first appeared in the humor magazines Puck, Judge, Life and Truth at the end of the 1880s. He developed a truly individualistic style, which got him employed as a staff artist at Puck magazine. Here, he made ground-breaking work for the generations to come: he created innovative narrative and introduced a painfully exact stylization.

from Le National Illustré, by F. M. Howarth (1895)

It was not until 1903 that he drew a weekly continuing story: 'Lulu and Leander'. By 1907, the strip was dropped and Howarth created 'Ole Opey Dildock - The Storyteller'. He did not work on this strip for long, as he died in 1908. The strip was continued by an artist named Wells.

Ole Opey Dilldock by Wells, 1912

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