Haunt of Fear #17, by Graham Ingels, 1953
Haunt of Fear #17, 1953

Graham Ingels was one of the masters of horror comics, and one of the staples of the EC titles in this genre. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ingels did several odd jobs before becoming an independent artist. From 1942, he worked on Fiction House comic books, doing illustratinos for Planet Stories, Jungle Stories and Wings, and comic for Planet Comics and Jumbo Comics. After his military service in the US Navy, he cooperated with Heroic Comics in 1946. A year later, he became an editor at Ned Pine (Standard), where he wrote and drew for Thrilling Comics and Startling Comics ('Lance Lewis', 'Space Detective').

The Haunt of Fear by Graham Ingles
The Haunt of Fear #5

Graham Ingels was one of the first artists to come to work for EC after Bill Gaines took over the company in 1947. After doing some western and romance comics, Ingels found his true métier in horror stories, published in The Haunt of Fear, Tales from the Crypt and The Vault of Horror. Because he took the horror to the extreme, the EC artists nicknamed him "Ghastly Graham", the pen name with which he soon signed his stories. When Gaines dropped the EC horror line, Ingels had a very difficult time.

The Haunt of Fear #26 by Graham Ingels
The Haunt of Fear #26

Since he was by then very well-known as a horror specialist, publishers didn't believe that he could draw anything else. After several jobs for EC's New Direction titles (Pracy, Impact, Valor, M.D.), the Catholic Church's title Treasure Chest and Gilberton's Classics Illustrated series, he found a job teaching at the famous art school in Westport, Connecticut. A couple of years before he died, however, he produced a number of oil paintings of his famous character, The Old Witch, to be sold at auction.

Classics Illustrated, by Graham Ingels

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