Ze Carioca, by Jorge Kato
O Mistério Do Papagaio Sem Fala (Zé Carioca #503, 1961)

Jorge Kato is a Brazilian artist of Disney comics. Born in Bastos into a family of Japanese origins, Kato started working for Editorial Abril in 1953. At first he was a letterer and cover designer for the publisher's Disney titles Mickey and Pato Donald. Kato, together with Luis Destuet and Álvaro de Moya, was among the first local artists to draw Disney material.

O Pato Donald cover, by Jorge KatoMickey cover, by Jorge Kato

Although his initial Disney art included only covers and advertisements, Kato was the first to produce a Brazilian Disney comic, published in O Pato Donald in December 1959. Throughout the 1960s he worked on Disney comics starring varying characters, but mainly 'Zé Carioca'. He produced the first 'Zé Carioca' stories from 1961 on and continued to work extensively on new stories until 1967. These included original material, but also reworked versions of foreign Mickey and Donald comics to 'Zé Carioca' stories. He also created new characters, such as Carioca's nephews Zico & Zeca.

Ze Carioca by Jorge Kato
A Volta De Zé Carioca (O Pato Donald #434, 1960)

When Abril got its own production center, Kato was accompanied by artists like Waldyr Igayara De Souza, Izomar Camargo Guilherme and Carlos Edgard Herrero. By the 1970s, Kato was editor of the Abril Disney titles and tutor with the publishing house's Disney school. In this occupation, he learned artists like Euclides Miyaura and Eli Leon the finer points of the profession.

Ze Carioca cover by Jorge KatoMickey cover by Jorge Kato

Jorge Kato continued to work for Abril on headers and an occasional comic story until 1990s. Now retired, he lives in São Paulo.

American stories starring Mickey Mouse were edited to Carioca stories:
Mickey Mouse by Paul Murry
Mickey Mouse - The Trail of the Phoenix by Paul Murry
Ze Carioca by Paul Murry and Jorge Kato
Brazilian version, starring Zé Carioca drawn by Jorge Kato

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