One of the Italian Spider-Man stories, produced by the Staff di IF (specific credit unknown)

Gabriella (or Gabriela) Molisso is an Italian comic book artist, who was part of the so-called "Staff di IF". Founded by Gianni Bono in 1973, this group of comics artists, writers and colorists worked on productions for a variety of Italian publishing houses during the 1970s and 1980s. Born in Naples in 1956, Molisso joined in 1977 and was one of the group's pencil artists, along with Eliana Bondi, Giancarlo Colombo, Giovanni Crivello, Milena de Amoli, Lucio de Giuseppe, Gino Esposito, Alberto Gnudi, Carlo Leone, Filipo Libertà, Carlo Moggia, Roberto Revello, Alessandro Sisti, Cinzia Torti and Wilson Vieira. Since most of their productions were published either anonymously or under the group label it is hard to determine who actually drew what?

Molisso was one of the pencillers of the comic book based on the TV series 'La Furia del West' by Editrice Cenisio (1977-1978). She worked on the western series 'Il Piccolo Ranger' for the Daim Press collection Gli Albi del Cow-Boy (1981-1983) and drew Italian original stories of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's 'Spider-Man' ('Uomo Ragno') for the Mondadori magazine SuperGulp!. She also participated in the comic books starring characters like 'Capitan Sherlock', 'Heidi', 'Golzinga' and 'Remy' for the 'Telefumetto' collection by Bono's own publishing label Edizioni Epierre (1979-1980).

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