Robin Hood, by Sparky Moore
Robin Hood

Richard "Sparky" Moore studied at the University of New Mexico and at Art Central in Los Angeles. He was an artist of adventure and western comics for Dell/Western Publishing's licensed titles based on films and TV shows from 1951 to 1975. For Dell's Disney publications, he illustrated stories with in the realistic adventure and western serials 'Elfego Baca', 'Spin & Marty', 'Annette's Life Story', 'Texas John Slaughter', 'Ten Who Dared' and 'Wild Dog of the North', but also the caricatural 'Robin Hood' and 'The Aristokittens'.

comic art by Sparky Moore

Besides the Disney titles, Moore worked on stories with 'Little Beaver', 'Rin Tin Tin', 'The Phantom', 'The Three Stooges', 'Range Rider', 'Korak' and 'Mighty Mightor'. Eventually, he began working for the Disney production for foreign publications, illustrating 'Zorro' and 'Big Bad Wolf' stories. He additionally created war stories for DC in the 1970s and also some horror comics for Hamilton in the 1990s.

Zorro by Sparky Moore

He began working on the 'Scamp' daily in August 1973. He continued the newspaper strip in cooperation with writer Bill Berg and inker Manuel Gonzalez until June 1978, when he took on the daily 'Winnie the Pooh' strip (text by Don Ferguson). Moore worked on the daily 'Pooh' until December 1983, but he continued the Sunday page until June 1984.

Winnie the Pooh by Sparky Moore
Winnie the Pooh (11 March 1984)

In addition, he drew the syndicated 'Treasury of Classic Tales' from 1976 until 1987. Moore then drew several 'Roger Rabbit' stories for the American studios, as well as the comic book adaptations of films like 'White Fang' and 'The Lion King'. For newspapers, he additionally made adaptations of the Disney films 'The Lion King' and 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Lion King, by Richard Moore
The Lion King

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