Monsieur Réac, by Nadar

Nadar (whose real name was Adrien Gaspard-Félix Tournachon) is mostly known for his photographs of his famous contemporaries, which he made starting in 1850, although in the 1840s, he was a journalist and a caricaturist. He was the author of the first weekly comic strip: from 1848 until 1849, he published his political comic 'Monsieur Réac' in La Revue Comique à l'Usage des Gens Sérieux. In a few pictures, Nadar commented on political situations. 'Monsieur Réac' even paid a visit to prince Louis-Napoleon, the future Napoleon III. With this comic, Nadar introduced a new way of publishing comics: in the press instead of books.

Selfportrait by Nadar, 1865

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