Malena, by Salomon Grundig

Carlos Pedrazzini has been active in the comic industry since the 1970s, and is also known for his explicit erotic comics under the name Salomon Grundig.

Early life and comics career
He was born in 1944 in Buenos Aires and began his career in the 1970s in the studios of Carlos, Enrique and Ricardo Villagrán, where he worked alongside Lucho Olivera, José Luis Salinas and Alberto Salinas. In the early 1980s, Pedrazzini drew the comic strip 'Dick el Artillero' ('Dick the Gunner') which was distributed through the King Features Syndicate, previously drawn by José Luis Salinas and Lucho Olivera. He also drew the soccer comic 'Claudio Corzi, pájaro y demonio' for the children's supplement of the daily newspaper La Nación in 1982.

Strongly influenced by the style of Domingo Mandrafina, he started working for the publishing houses Columba and Record. He created a comic adaptation of the Henri Charrière novel 'Papillón' for El Tony, and continued series that were originally created by Ernesto Garcia Seijas, such as 'Skorpio', 'Mandy Riley' and presumably also 'Helena'. For Fierro, he made the serial 'La Batalla de las Malvinas' with writer Ricardo Barreiro and artist Marcelo Perez in 1984. His story 'La Armada Invencible' was published in Fénix in 1989.

La Batalla de las Malvinas, Carlos Pedrazzini
'La Batalla de las Malvinas'.

Comics in the 1990s
By now equiped with a more personal style, Pedrazzini was present in the publications of the Italian publishing house Eura Editoriale, most notably the magazines Skorpio and LancioStory. For Skorpio, Pedrazzini and scriptwriter Robin Wood created 'Munro' (1992), a series set in 1930s America and known in Argentina as 'Morten'. Pedrazzini and Wood later cooperated on the series 'Joan'. In 1996, he joined the art team of the Eura comic book series about 16th century Venetian nobleman turned mercenary 'Dago', which was created in Argentina by Robin Wood and Alberto Salinas. Other productions from the 1990s are 'América mágica' and 'El Amigo', which appeared in Argentina in Nippur Mágnum in 1993, and in Italy in LancioStory in late 1996. He drew stories with the character 'Many Riley' for the magazine Puño Fuerte in 1997.

Comics in the 2000s
With writer Carlos Albiac, he made the comic story 'La marcha de los sueños – Adolfo contra los gorilas', which was part of presidential candidate Adolfo Rodriguez Saa's campaign in 2003. He is also present in the Argentina magazine Caballero with the comic 'Nieve roja'. Pedrazzini has also contributed art to the Robin Annual and Showcase of DC Comics in the USA.

'A Ruined Relationship 3'.

Erotic comics
His pornographic comics as Salomon Gründig have been published throughout Europe. Among his work in this genre are 'The Black Czarina', two stories of 'Malena', and three volumes of 'A Ruined Relationship'. Since 2014, Pedrazzini is the artist of 'Mild & Fromm', a comic series published in the Swedish Fantomen comic book.

Other activities
Carlos Pedrazzini is also active as a children's book illustrator, storyboard artist and commercial artist.

Milch & Fromm
'Milch & Fromm'. Pedrazzini based the look of restaurant owner and former Iranian secret service agent Mustapha on those of his friend Diego Jourdan.

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