Jane, by Norman Pett

Norman Pett is the creator of the famous WWII comic heroine, Jane. Jane was "born" in 1932, when 'Jane's Journal, the Diary of a Bright Young Thing' was launched in the (London) Daily Mirror. In 1938, Don Freeman started writing for the comic, adding to its continuity. As war broke out, Jane (who was modeled after Pett's wife), shed more and more clothes, thus keeping up the morale of the men abroad.

Jane at war, by Norman Pett

Actress Christabel Leighton-Porter toured the music halls with a striptease-act as Jane, and later she played in the movie 'The Adventures of Jane', which came out in 1949. In 1948, Pett's assistant Michael Hubbard took over the comic, and Pett devoted himself to a new stripping character, 'Susie', which he drew for the Sunday Dispatch. Eventually, in 1959, Jane disappeared after marrying her beau.

Jane at war, by Norman Pett

Backside of a 'Jane at War' newspaper-clipping; note the interesting war-news.

Jane's Calendar

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