The Wolfdragon by Simon Pothier

Simon Pothier is a  Canadian comic book artist, illustrator and 3D animator from Montreal, who mainly works in the horror, fantasy and cyberpunk genres under the pen name SIM. He has worked on comic books, video games, movies and animation projects, and is the creator of indie comic series like 'Wolfdragon', 'Nat the Merc' and 'Bloodhunt' (2019-2020).

Early life and influences
Simon Pothier was born in 1976 in Montreal, Quebec. Passionate for drawing since his childhood, it wasn't until later in life that he made it his profession. Among his favorite artists are Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, Simon Bisley, Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, Dale Keown, Juan Giménez, Arthur Adams, Frank Frazetta and Greg Capullo. The comic artists Michael Turner and Clément Sauvé served as his mentors, giving him tips and tricks, and prompting him to showcase his work online.

Pothier received his education in 3D animation from Bois-de-Boulogne College (2008-2010) and afterwards from the École NAD (School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design, 2012-2016), both based in Montreal. He has participated as a storyboard artist in the production of Jean Nicolas Fidala's 2012 film 'Midnight Wind', and as a concept artist on the 'H.I.T.' cartoon by DorVal Films and Comicbook Culture (2013-2014).

'Tales from the NATverse'.

Already in 1995, Pothier had created a comic called 'Wolfdragon', about the last descendant of the human-form dragons, whose job is hunting evil creatures. Due to illness, the project went on hiatus, but was picked up again about ten years later, with a first 20-page comic book published in 2009. Between 2012 and 2016, the artist contributed to several volumes of Zidara9, a sci-fi/fantasy/geek culture anthology series by Éditions Rémi Paradis. This included 'Wolfdragon' short stories, but also the introduction of a new creation, the intergalactic hero 'Nat the Mercenary' (AKA 'Nat the Merc'). Starting in 2021, Pothier has been releasing crowdfunded story collections with Nat and other characters from the same cyberpunk universe under the title 'Tales from the NATverse'.


Besides his own creations, Simon Pothier has worked with Martin Beaulieu on the French-language webcomic project 'Les Apatrides', and he was one of the artists contributing story art to the 'Heroes Of The North: Legacies' anthology (MSD Publishing, 2014). Together with Render Contender, he was the line artist of 'Outlaw Nights' (2021), an indie comic about a 31st century colonial security officer, created and written by Ben Fuselier. In 2019-2020, Simon Pothier wrote, illustrated and self-published his horror comic series 'Bloodhunt' through crowdfunding on Indiegogo. During that same period, he was also contributing art to Rob Shaffer's fantasy graphic novel 'Doom Fate' (2019).

Since 2019, Simon Pothier - AKA SIM - has joined forces with three other creators (Michael Beacon, Preston Asevedo, Jon Jay/Scotsman) to produce and sell comics, animations, prints and paintings through their Inkslayer Entertainment studio.

Nat by Simon Pothier

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