Wa-pi-ti, by Rol

Roland Venet, who signed his work Rol, worked not only as a comic artist, but also as a groom, archiver and animator. He made humorous drawings for Parisiana, Marius (1942-61), Le Hérisson (1946-55), L'Almanach Vermot (1948-62), L'Os Libre, La Presse, Boléro, Fou-Rire, Lectures pour Tous, V Magazine, and Le Chasseur Français.

Mich en Mouche by Rol
Mich et Mouche (Line 117, 1957)

He illustrated games and made 'Adorable Nanette' for Atout Coeur in 1956, and later in Mode de Paris. In 1957-58, he drew 'Miche et Mouche', 'Line' and 'Dany' in Line. He also made short stories like 'Oscar Baudruche mène l'enquête' and 'Wa-Pi-Ti enfant scalpeur' with René Goscinny in Tintin. Rochelle was present in Record with 'Flagada et Pipeau' and 'Fort Caribou' and he also had appearances in Coeurs Vaillants ('Tic et Tac', 1950s).

Chocoreve, by Rol
Les Aventures de Chocorêve

Rol did a lot of art for the Ibled chocolat factory in Mondicourt. For instance, between 1945 and 1959 he made the 'Chocorêve' strip in La Voix du Nord. Between 1950 and 1957, he had a large production of comic strips for the press, including over 900 strips of 'Tribulations de Minouche' in Libération and Le Provencal. For the Paris-Graphic agency, he additionally made 'Pomme d'Api' in Ce Soir. Other strips by Rol are 'Totoche pin-up de malheur' in Ici-Paris and 'Mlle Bénédikte' in Paris-Flirt.

Oscar Baudruche mène l'enquête, by Rol
Oscar Baudruche mène l'enquête

Some sources (BDOubliees) mention Rochelle as the real name of the artist who signed with Rol. It is unsure if there is a connection between the artist J. L. Rochelle who drew for Editions Mondiales in the 1940s and 1950s.

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