Six Chix, by Margaret Shulock

Margaret Shulock started her career in the medical industry, long before she ever thought about cartooning. She quit her work to run a small farm in South Western New York together with her husband. Shulock started drawing postcards and made a cartoon calendar in 1996, which drew the attention of a cartoonist. She sent some of her work to King Features and was immediately accepted as one of the female comic artists on the newspaper strip 'Six Chix'.

Each woman draws the strip on a different day (Margaret on Tuesday) and they alternate on Sundays. The other original members are Isabella Bannerman, Rina Piccolo, Kathryn LeMieux, Ann Telnaes and Stephanie Piro. Shulock also scripts the daily continuity strip 'Apartment 3-G' for Frank Bolle and is a contributing writer of 'Barney Google and Snuffy Smith'.

Six Chix, by Margaret Shulock

Six Chix on King Features

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