from Op Weg naar het EK, by Roel Smit

Roel Smit works as an illustrator, letterer and occasional comics artist. In the 1980s, he cooperated on the chain comic 'Tussen de Rails', with among others Lian Ong and Bert van der Meij. His gag strip 'Incognito-funnies' appeared for several years in the magazine Incognito. He has created the album 'Het Geheim van de Ruïne'. Smit is best known for his illustrations and designs in the music field. He has designed many record covers for the Epitaph label and the hardrock band Peter Pan Speedrock. He is the main artist for Large Popmerchandising, and the singer in the punkband Human Alert, for which he also designs the CD covers. Several of his music-related work was collected in the book 'Rock 'n' Roel' by Oog & Blik in 2008.

expo poster by Roel Smit
Sir Kees, by Roel Smit
Tribute to Sir Kees, by Roel Smit

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