Professor Thintwhistle and his incredible Aether Flyer, by Steve Stiles

Steve Stiles' first published comic work appeared in New York's underground comic pages, The Gothic Blimp Works, in 1968. He continued on with the underground connection, being published in various Kitchen Sink Press comics through the seventies and eighties (Snarf, Bizarre Sex, Dope Comix, his own Hyper Comics) while working a penciller for Marvel's British publications department during the same time period. In 1980 collaboration with science fiction writer Dick Lupoff, 'The Adventures of Professor Thintwhistle and His Incredible Aether Flyer', was serialized in Heavy Metal magazine and later reprinted as a graphic novel by Fantagraphics (1991).

Jack Cadillac by Steve Stiles
Jack Cadillac (L'Eternauta #98, 1991)

He also enjoyed a ten-year run illustrating Mark Schultz's stories for the Harvey/Eisner award-winning 'Xenozoic Tales', as well as doing pencils and inks for Hamilton Comics, Malibu, Topps, and Star. After the American comics field's meltdown in October 1995 Stiles wrote articles about comics and comic strips for a dot com - ChannelSpace Entertainment. In later years he completed a humorous story for an educational comic, 'Inspiration Rocket', and a more macabre effort - Elvis Presley as a murderer - for the revived Witzend magazine.

Lift off, by Steve Stiles

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