'Ben je een goede detective?' (Olidin #3, 1958).

Very little is known about the Dutch artist P. Visser. Between 1957 and 1960 he worked as an illustrator for Olidin, the children's magazine of the Shell Junior Club. Olidin (1957-1963) was produced in commission of petrol company Shell by the Van Maanen advertising agency in Amsterdam. Visser was probably also affiliated with this agency. Visser made illustrations, as well as the sporadically appearing gag strip 'Tippy' (1957-1959) and the riddle comic 'Ben je een goede detective?' (1957-1960). Visser's riddle comic was succeeded by 'Japie Eigenwijs' by Jan Kruis and Wim Giesbers. Other comic artists who published their work in Olidin were Hans G. Kresse, Piet Wijn, Chris Roodbeen, Dick Vlottes, Ted Mathijsen, Friso Henstra and Carol Voges.

'Ben je een goede detective?' (Olidin #2, 1960).

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