Senmoet, de Piraten van de Nijl, door Dick Vlottes
'Senmoet en de Piraten van de Nijl'.

Dick Vlottes started his career with the publishing house ATH, the publisher of the so-called "beeldromans", in the early 1950s. There, he made drawings for 41 issues of the Dutch 'Tarzan' comic. He also drew some issues in the series 'De Groene Straal' for Ben Abas' Bell Studio. He subsequently became a freelance artist for the Toonder Studios.

De Groene Straal by Dick Vlottes

He cooperated on the series 'Tom Poes' and 'Kappie', but also drew two stories of the science fiction comic 'Martin Evans', which he took over from Thé Tjong-Khing. Between 1959 and 1961 he additionally made his own strip for newspaper Het Vrije Volk, called 'Minter en Hinter'. Vlottes wrote most of the stories himself, but four stories were scripted by Paul Biegel.

Minter en Hinter by Dick Vlottes
Minter en Hinter

Dick Vlottes left the Toonder Studios when former co-worker Ton de Zwaan started his own Swan Features Syndicate. Through this syndicate, he drew comics for the Shell magazine Olidin. His best known creation for this magazine was the young Egyptian 'Senmoet', whose stories were also reprinted in newspapers. Other features for the magazine were 'Wetenswaardigheden over de Ruimtevaart' and 'Botje Boons Avonturen' (with scripts by Harry van den Eerenbeemt).

Leonie het horoscoopmeisje by Dick Vlottes
Leonie het horoscoopmeisje (Tina, 1977)

When Olidin folded in 1963, Vlottes became a letterer for comic magazine Pep. He also made cover illustrations for this magazine, as well as the Flintstones comic book which was also published by De Geïllustreerde Pers (and based on Hanna-Barbera's stone-age family). He made game pages for Fabeltjeskrant, and did lay-outs and montages for Televizier and TV 2000. He did some colorings for Sjors before returning to comic art for the Dutch girls' magazine Tina in 1973. He drew such series as 'Ineke van Rijswijk' and 'Leonie, het Horoscoopmeisje'. In 1975 he was assigned by television magazine Televizier to produce the comics 'De Krakers' and 'De Fabeltjeskrant'. The latter series was based on the popular Dutch children's TV series 'De Fabeltjeskrant' (1968-1989). Earlier, in 1969 to be precise, Lex Overeijnder had already created a comic strip adaptation of this particular show but as a newspaper comic.

Ineke van Rijswijk by Dick Vlottes
Ineke van Rijswijk (Tina, 1974)

In addition, he has done cover illustrations for Pep and short stories for De Flintstones ('Top Cat') and Donald Duck (a.o. inking Frits Godhelp's 'Hiawatha' stories). In the 1980s he was mainly involved in advertising work, as well as instructional sports comics. He was also drawing for De Telegraaf, the paper for which he created his current affair sports cartoon strip 'De Krek' in 1987.

On 22-23 October 2005, during the Stripdagen in Houten, Dick Vlottes won the Bulletje en Boonestaakschaal, which he received alongside Dik Bruynesteyn and Jan van der Voo. 

Dummetje, by Dick Vlottes (1962)
Dummetje (1962)

De Krek by Dick Vlottes

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