Alerte aux Zorkons by Yoann
Spirou et Fantasio - Alerte aux Zorkons (2010)

Yoann Chivard discovered his calling at age five, when he first started drawing. After completing his studies in Plastic Arts, he completed a degree in communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Angers. During this six year period, he made several posters and ads. He created the series 'Phil Kaos' and 'Dark Boris' for the English magazines Deadline and Inkling, as well as a children's book for Triskell, 'Le Vilain Petit Canard'. In 1996, Yoann set up the atelier La Boîte Qui Fait Beuh with his colleagues Eric Omond, Nathalie Bodin, Marie Lombard, Boris Beuzelin, Pierre-Henry Laporterie and Olivier Supiot.

Phil Kaos, by Yoann (Yoann Chivard)
Phil Kaos

Yoann originally created the character 'Toto l'Ornithorynque' for an illustrated novel, but with the help of Eric Omond he turned it into a comic series for Delcourt in 1997. Yoann and Omond also cooperated on 'Nini Rezergoude' for the Japanese publisher Kodansha, and on 'La Voleuse du Père-Fauteuil' for the Dargaud collection Poisson Pilote in 2002. Also for Delcourt, he started the series, 'Ether Glister', with texts by Nathalie Ferlut in 2000, and illustrated an album in the series 'Donjon Monster' for Sfar and Trondheim.

Bob Marone by Yoann
Bob Marone

Between 2003 and 2005 he drew new stories with 'Bob Marone', a series created and written by Yann and Conrad, for Fluide Glacial under the pseudonym Janus. In 2006, he was the first artist to made a 'Spirou et Fantasio' story in the special' "one-shot collection" (script by Fabien Vehlmann). As from 2010, Yoann and Vehlmann are the artists for the regular 'Spirou et Fantasio' series.

Spirou et Fantasio, by Yoann
Spirou et Fantasio - Les Géants pétrifié (2006)

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