Uncle Scrooge, by Jordi Alfonso
'Donald Duck als Topverkoper' (H25303).

Jordi Alfonso is a Spanish comic artist, affiliated with Studio Comicup in Barcelona. His main body of work consists of stories with Walt Disney characters for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly.

Early life and career
Jordi Alfonso Gómez was born in 1976 in Móra d'Ebre, a little town in the region of Tarragona in Catalonia. After attending art school in Móra la Nova, he was recruited by Carmen Pérez and Isaac Montoya to work in the comic industry. He began his association with José Canovas' Studio Comicup in 1999. Since then he has illustrated a great many comic stories for the Dutch Disney magazines, published by Sanoma. He has become one of their main Spanish contributors, alongside his colleagues Carmen Pérez, Daniel Pérez, José Antonio Gonzalez, Maximino Tortajada Aguilar, Marga Querol and Angel Rodriguez.

Panchito, by Jordi Alfonso
'Panchito' (H 23240) from Donald Duck #36, 2004.

Disney comics
For his Disney art, Alfonso usually provides layouts and initial pencil art, which is then cleaned and finished by Comicup's art supervisor Tony Fernandez. Alfonso is mainly assigned to draw stories in which the humor element predominates. Besides working with the regular Duck family, Alfonso has drawn stories with secondary characters like 'The Big Bad Wolf', 'B'rer Rabbit', 'Panchito' and 'Joe Carioca' as well. Most of those were plotted by Dutch scriptwriters like Frank Jonker, Jan Kruse and Evert Geradts. Several longer stories drawn by Alfonso are thematic or seasonal. He has illustrated various lead stories for the magazine related to the annual Saint Nicholas festivities, and also took care of installments in the 2014 series with guest appearances of Dutch celebrities. He has provided the artwork for Dutch stories on the occasion of the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, a give-away comic book for the APM Terminals in Rotterdam (2015), Donald Duck's own 70th and 80th anniversaries (2004 and 2014), and stories spoofing Spiderman (2015) and Mata Hari (2017).

Duck Avenger by Jordi Alfonso
'Superdonald (Duck Avenger)' - 'De Stroomgnoom' (H 2010-216).

Dutch editor Bas Schuddeboom often requests Alfonso specifically to illustrate his scripts, most notably for the gag series in which Donald has to deal with the malicious car dealer Jan Zwijner, a Dutch 'Duck Avenger' story and the first print appearances of party store owner Ome Dries, a character originally created for the website and whose looks are based on the "Pig Journalist" from a Carl Barks story. The 13th volume of the Dutch album series 'De Spannendste Avonturen van Donald Duck' in 2017 was dedicated to Jordi Alfonso's stories.

Besides his production for the Dutch publications, Alfonso has occasionally worked for the French and Danish Disney licensees, Hachette and Egmont, as well. For Le Journal de Mickey he has drawn several longer 'Donald Duck' stories from scripts by François Corteggiani and Didier Le Bornec, while his Danish output mostly featured 'Gyro Gearloose' and 'Uncle Scrooge'.

A French Donald story, by Jordi Alfonso
'D comme Donaldo' (Le Journal de Mickey #2755 (2005).

Non-Disney art
Among his non-Disney credits are the German magazine Quix, which he and Tony Fernandez filled with gags and illustrations. Since 2017, Jordi Alfonso has contributed to Comicup's comic story production related to Rovio's 'Angry Birds' franchise. For the Spanish publishing house Onada Edicions he has illustrated children's books like 'La Nana de Sara' (2011) by Josep Maria Franquet Bernís, 'Altres Encàrrecs de Miquelet' (2012) and 'Teresina No Sap Cantar' (2014) by Jesús Serrano Pons. Alfonso additionally makes designs for logos, posters, postcards, and T-shirts, among other things.

a German strip, by Jordi Alfonso

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