Zorro, by Walmir Amaral de Oliveira

Walmir Amaral de Oliveira is a Brazilian comic artist of Italian en Portuguese origins. He was affiliated with the publishing house Rio Gráfica Editora from the 1940s to the 1980s.
Amaral was originally involved in remounting American 'Phantom' and 'Black Knight' comics for the comic books published by RGE. Eventually, he started to produce 'Black Knight' ('Cavaleiro Negro') comics himself, as well as a great many 'Phantom' comics ('Fantasma').

Zhor, by Walmir Amaral

In the 1960s, Amaral became one of the artists of the local production of 'Phantom' stories, in alternation with artists like Gutemberg Monteiro. These stories also found their way to publications in Europe, mainly in Sweden. He also succeeded Flávio Colin as the artist of 'O Anjo'. In 1974 and 1975 he also illustrated stories with Disney's 'Zorro' for Editorial Abril, and 'Zhor, O Atlanta' for Editora Taíka.

Phantom by Walmir AmaralPhantom by Walmir Amaral
Covers for Fantasma #282 and #290

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