Mickey Mouse, by Earl Duvall

Earl Duvall was born in Washington D.C. At the age of 14 he became a page for Senator Joseph Weldon Baily of Texas. During World War I he served in the US Army at Hazelhurst Field, Minealo, New York. He then worked for newspapers like the New York World, Washington Times and, Washington Post, as well as Bell Syndicate. In 1929 he worked with Bob Pilgrim on Paramount Syndicate's 'Christmas Adventure' strip.

By 1930 he was an artist with the Walt Disney Company. He worked as a gag man and layout artist for the animation department until 1933, but also as an inker for Floyd Gottfredson's 'Mickey Mouse' dailies until 1932. Although he was mainly the inker, he also did pencils for coloring books and games. In 1932 he became responsible for the 'Silly Symphonies' strip, that appeared as a companion strip for the 'Mickey Mouse' Sunday page.

For this feature, Duvall created 'Bucky Bug' and his friends, based on the 1930 Disney short 'Bugs in Love'. Written completely in rhyme, Duvall also did art on the feature until mid-1932. The artwork was handed over to inker Al Taliaferro and Duvall continued to write it until his departure from Disney in 1933. Duvall was also director on a couple of Warner Bros shorts in 1933-34.

Bucky Bug by Earl Duvall


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