Odysseus, by Massimo Fecchi

Massimo Fecchi is a talented Italian comic artist, best-known for his work on Fix und Foxi and Disney comics. Born in Città di Castello in the Umbria region, he studied to become a drawing teacher at the Art Institute of Rome. He began a collaboration with Le Pioniere dell'Unita in 1964, where he produced ' Picchio & Pacchio'. He then took courses in animation, and joined the Jet animation studios in 1965. He began drawing for the bi-monthly magazine Miao. In the late 1960s, he contributed to Kriminal and Jacula with Cambiotti and Belardinelli through the Rosi studios. He focused on humorous comics afterwards, starting in the magazine Telezecchino in 1968. He drew nearly all of the magazine's covers, and created the leading character, 'Giuseppe'.

Lupo, by Massimo Fecchi

Fecchi was also present in Il Giornalino with 'Serafino', in cooperation with another artist under the collective pseudonym Framas. In 1970, he began drawing comics with Warner Bros characters, such as 'Bugs Bunny' and 'Tweety and Silvester', as well as MGM's 'Tom and Jerry'. He created the character 'Deejay' for the British Fleetway agency.

Paperino, by Massimo Fecchi

In 1973, he began a collaboration with the German Kauka Verlag, which lasted until 1995. There, he drew 'Die 7 Schnuckel' for Pépito, as well as 'Fix und Foxi' and 'Lupo' stories for the Fix und Foxi weekly. Also for Germany, he cooperated on the magazine Knax, for which he drew 'Die Miesel'. From 1984, he drew a comic adaptation of the German cartoon 'Pumuckl' for several years. When Fix und Foxi folded in 1995, he started working on a comic parody of 'Odysseus' for the German publisher Pabel-Moewig

Fecchi has drawn stories with Disney characters like 'Donald Duck', 'Mickey Mouse' and 'The Big Bad Wolf' for the pocket publications of the Danish publisher Egmont since 1998. He was an animator at Hahn Film in Berlin, and he works as an illustrator for Editrice San Paolo and Ed. Paoline. He has also drawn a comic adaptation of the cartoon 'Renada'. In 2006, he was back at drawing 'Fix und Foxi' stories, together with his studio co-workers in Rome.

Odysseus, by Massimo Fecchi

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