Krelissie en Dirrekie, by Albert Funke Küpper 

The oldest of the five children of the painter Funke, Albert Johann Funke Küpper inherited his father's painting and drawing skills. In 1912, he became a teacher in Rotterdam, where he attended Art Academy. He served in the First World War, after which he devoted himself entirely to painting and drawing. In 1923, he made his debut in socialist journal Voorwaarts, drawing 'Krelissie en Dirrekie'. His colleague Gerrit Rotman also worked for Voorwaarts, doing the popular comic 'Snuffelgraag en Knagelijntje'. When Rotman left in 1927, Albert Funke took over this strip.

Snuffelgraag en Knagelijntje, by Albert Funke Küpper

In 1929, Albert moved to Amsterdam and worked for the newly-founded socialist publishing company De Arbeiderspers. Albert Funke showed a deep sympathy for the plight of the lower classes, especially children, in numerous political cartoons. He also made anti-fascist comics for the satiric magazine De Notenkraker, of which he became the driving force. Albert Funke's energy, involvement and unceasing productivity were such, that the magazine didn't last long after his untimely death in 1934, at the age of 40.

Krelissie en Dirrekie, by Albert Funke Küper

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