The Rhinocerous Boys, by Hans Horina (1907)

Hans Horina was among the German artists that drew comics for the Sunday pages of the Chicago Tribune around 1906. Other Germans that worked for the paper were Lyonel Feininger, Victor Schramm, Karl Pommerhanz, Karl Staudinger, Lothar Meggendorfer and August von Meissl. Horina drew among others 'The Rhinoceros Boys' in 1907. Somewhere between 19 August 1906 and 16 June 1907 Horina also ran 'Mr. Foxy, the Artist', which featured Mr. Foxy, who could paint so realistically that the objects were able to come alive. The comic strip was remarkably similar to Ed Payne's 'Billy the Boy Artist' (1899-1956), in which a little boy paints things so realistically that his environment is constantly fooled. 

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