Miners Strike, by Igort

Igor Tuveri, who signs his work with Igort, was born in Cagliari in 1958. At the age of twenty, he moved to Bologna where he began his career as an author of comics. He published his first professinal work in Linus in 1980. In the following year, he launched the independent magazine Il Pinguino, together with Daniele Brolli, Roberto Baldazzini, Lorenzo Matotti and Giorgio Carpinteri. This resulted in Valvoline, and art group founded in Bologna in 1982, that published Alter Alter supplement of Linus.

comic art by Igort

Igort's work subsequently appeared in magazines like Frigidaire and Vanity (Italy), Métal Hurlant and L'Écho des Savanes (France) and The Face (Britain). He also set up his own magazines, including Dolce Vita, Fuego and Due, all a mix of comics, illustrations and journalistic/artistic chronicles. Among the books that Igort produced for (inter)national publishers are 'Goodbye Boabab' (Milano Libri, 1987) and 'Nerboruto' (Edizioni Becassine, 1987), 'La Léthargie des Sentiments' (Albin Michel, 1988), 'Dulled Feelings' (Catalan Communications, 1990), 'L'Enfer des Désirs' (Humanoïdes Associés, 1991), 'That's all Folks' (Granata Press, 1993), 'Cartoon Aristocracy' (Carbone, 1994) and 'Perfetti i Invisibli' (Skirà, 1996).

Cucu, by Igort

In 1990s, he began a fruitful production for the Japanese market, which resulted in the series 'Amore et Yuri' (Kodansha) and more experimental works for the alternative label Hon Hon Do. In 2000, he founded Coconino Press, his own publishing firm, through which he published 'Sinatra', 'City Lights', '5 è il Numero Perfetto' and 'Yuri et Brillo'. In 2004, Coconino Press and Vertige Graphic joined forces and co-published the album 'Boabab', followed by the review 'Black'. In addition, Igort made the album 'Fats Walter' in cooperation with scriptwriter Jorge Zentner at Casterman in 2004. Igort is also woking as a scriptwriter and animator for radio broadcasts, and works for cinema and television.

Kungfu Fighter, by Igort

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