Donald Duck, by Mark de Jonge

Mark de Jonge was an artist for Dutch Disney stories from 1976 to 1992. He started his career as an allround illustrator for Richards Studio in Amsterdam-Watergraafsmeer, the studio that provided the lettering for the comics published by Oberon. De Jonge was involved with illustration assignments, as well as corrections and inking. From 1976 onwards, he was also drawing covers and 'Duck' stories in cooperation with Daan Jippes for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly.

Bolleboom by Mark de Jonge
Bolleboom (Leeuwarder Courant, 21 May 1992)

Later on, he illustrated countless 'Gus Goose' scripts by Jan Kruse, as well as 'Uncle Scrooge' and 'Donald Duck' stories. De Jonge also had a weekly strip in Panorama with Toon van Driel ('Piet en Arie') and made the comic 'Bolleboom' with Marjanne van Nieuwpoort for KRO Studio and the regional daily press in the early 1990s.

Zzappo by Mark de Jonge

His character 'Zzappo!' was published in Okki and he also did several illustration assignments for KLM, PTT Post, Look-O-Look and Princess Kinderthee. De Jonge's work was also published in Taptoe and Bobo.

De papieren tijger by Mark de Jonge
'De Papieren Tijger. From left to right one can recognize far-right politician Geert Wilders as "the advisor", Dutch king Willem-Alexander and queen Maximá and Dutch novelist Jan Wolkers (of 'Turkish Delight' fame) and his wife Olga as "the artist" and "his model". The Viking in the back is H.G. Kresse's comic character 'Eric de Noorman'. Behind Olga one also recognizes Princess Diana.

In 2014 the publishing house Sherpa released De Jonge's debut graphic novel 'De Papieren Tijger', about a king, a queen, and an artist that has to save their royal marriage. De Jonge had been working for three years on this modern fairy tale, that not only stars the spitting image of Dutch King and Queen Willem-Alexander and Maxima, but also a score of other famous Dutch personalities.

Gus Goose by Mark de Jonge

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