Consumer Comix, by Denis Kitchen

In the early 1960s, young, starry-eyed Denis Kitchen had a dream. That dream was to perfect his cartoonist art, create a nest of characters, and gather millions of dollars unto himself making people laugh at them. He studied the masters: Al Capp, Walt Kelly, Ernie Bushmiller. He worked on his craft, contributing to any obscure magazine or newspaper that would have him, and getting paid little or nothing for the effort.

Little Ingrid, by Denis Kitchen 1971

He moved himself to the cutting edge of technology, discarding his trusty Bic pens in favor of brushes and India ink. He dumped his loose-leaf notebook and got a drawing board. Then he created his characters: Little Ingrid, Pooch, the Dread Spud, Mr. Krupp, various geeks, himself, and a star-spangled horde of others. And then he became a publisher, founding Kitchen Sink Press and gathering millions unto himself by printing the work of others. He has kept his cartooning hand limber with work in such titles as 'Snarf', 'Mondo Snarfo', and 'Twist'. His art has been collected in 'The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen'.

early Kitchen Sink letterhead by R. Crumb
An early Kitchen Sink Press letterhead by R. Crumb

Little Ingrid, by Denis Kitchen 1971

The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen

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