Gene Autry, by Tom Massey
'Gene Autry'.

Tom Massey was an American animator and comic artist. He worked as an animator for Ub Iwerks, where one of the cartoons he animated on was 'Simple Simon' (1937). When Iwerks' studio went broke Iwerks briefly worked at Warner Brothers' animation studio, where he and Massey were active in  Bob Clampett's unit to help on the 'Porky Pig' short 'Get Rich Quick Porky' (1937). Afterwards Massey joined  Disney He would leave the company later on, but return in 1946. Among the animated films Massey worked on were the features  'Snow White', (1937), 'Fantasia' (1940) and 'Song of the South' '(1946) and 'Fun and Fancy Free' (1947). He was Lyman Young's longtime assistant on his 'Tim Tyler's Luck' Sunday pages (1947-52). He also assisted on the 'Gene Autry' Sunday comic for General Features in the early 1950s. In comic books, Massey did art on such Dell/Western features as 'Range Rider', 'Texas Rangers', 'Leopard Girl' and 'Mabu, Jungle Boy' from the 1950s through the early 1970s.

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