Ze Carioca by Aparecido Norberto
Zé Carioca - 'Fone de Ouvido' (B930040) - © Disney.

Cidão Norberto is a Brazilian comic artist and illustrator, who was active in the Brazilian comic book industry from the mid-1970s through the 1990s. He has mainly worked on stories based on the Brazilian comedy group 'Os Trapalhões' and Walt Disney's 'Jose Carioca'.

Estudio Ely Barbosa
He was born in 1960 in São Paulo as Aparecido Fernandes Norberto. As a child he copied the drawings from his favorite comic books, including the Disney titles, Mauricio de Sousa's' 'Mônica' and superhero comics. His career took off in 1976, when he was hired by Ely Barbosa's studio, even though he was only 15 years of age. He stayed there for the next fifteen years, eventually becoming head of the art department. He has worked on stories with Barbosa's own creations for the children's comic books 'Cacá e Sua Turma' (Abril, 1977-1978), 'Os Incríveis Amendoins' (Rio Gráfica Editora, 1982-1983), 'Turma da Fofura' (Abril, 1987-1990) and 'Gordo e Patrícia' (1988), but also for the studio's production with characters from Hanna-Barbera cartoons (Rio Gráfica Editora). The Barbosa team's main body of work was however the digest-sized celebrity comic book based on the Brazilian comedy group 'Os Trapalhões', published by Editora Bloch (1976-1986). Norberto was one of the comic's many authors, along with Bira Dantas, Ademir Pontes, Arthur Garcia, Carlos Cárcamo, Carlos Migliorin, Domingos de Souza, Eduardo Vetillo, Fernando Bonini, João Batista Queiroz, Joel França, Kimura, Sérgio Lima, Vila and Watson Portela.

'Os Trapalhões'.

José Carioca
By 1990 Norberto found work directly through Editorial Abril, as one of the artists for the company's Disney line. Throughout the decade, he illustrated a great many covers and stories with 'José Carioca', Disney's Brazilian vagabond parrot from the feature films 'Saludos Amigos' (1942) and 'The Three Caballeros' (1944). The character understandably enjoyed a great popularity in Brazil, where he even had his own comic book, Zé Carioca. While the simultaneous Dutch production of 'José Carioca' stories maintained his classic looks and character traits from the films, he was gradually modernized in the Brazilian stories during the 1990s. His suit and umbrella were replaced by a trendy T-shirt and cap, while the stories also have prominent roles for José's girlfriend Rosinha and his nephews Zico and Zeca.

Norberto was a regular artist for Abril's Disney comics until the story production was cancelled in 2001. Besides Carioca, he has also illustrated some stories with more well-known Disney characters like 'Donald Duck', 'Uncle Scrooge' and 'Mickey Mouse'. In later years, most of his stories were inked by Nelson Pereira. The artist remained associated with Abril as a cover artist for their Disney line until 2012 though.

Since his departure from Disney comics, Norberto has worked as an illustrator and 2D animator through the studio Ilustrarte Creação & Arte. He has provided illustrations to educational books and children's books by his friend Luiz Carlos Sales, such as 'Didi. Uma vira-lata de raça', 'Aventuras com Golfinhos', 'Amigos em versos', 'A Lenda da Margarida' and 'Nick e Luna. Uma história de amor', which mostly have animals in starring roles. He has furthermore illustrated books by Nathalia and Alexander Osellame Sales.

Didi. 'Uma vira-lata de raça'.

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