Kappie by Mary Oosterdijk
Kappie en de God van duizend vrezen (drawn by M. Oosterdijk?)

Mary Oosterdijk was a female artist working for the Toonder Studios in the mid-1940s. She participated in the animation of the film production 'Tom Puss, Das Geheimnis der Grotte' (1944). Prior to this, she was one of Marten Toonder's colleagues at the Nederlandse Rotogravure Maatschappij in Leiden, where she made illustrations for magazines like Cinema en Theater under the pen name May.

Shortly after World War II, she possibly illustrated the second, third and fourth 'Kappie' story. The texts of 'Kappie en het neveleiland', 'Kappie in China' and 'Kappie en de God van duizend vrezen' were written by Phiny Dick and published in Dutch newspapers from 1946. Oosterdijk was later active as an illustrator of fairytales, and she has participated in productions by Joop Geesink's Dollywood studios. In the early 1960s, she ran Studio Mozaik in Amsterdam's Schinkelstraat, where she illustrated advertisements and postcards.

Illustrations by Mary Oosterdijk
Caricatures of Hollywood actors Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Robert Taylor, Joan Crawford and Wiliam Powell by "May" for Cinema en Theater (15 January 1938).

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