Mancha No Espaço, starring Mickey, Goofy and Shamrock Bones (B 74161)
'Mancha No Espaço', starring Mickey, Goofy and Shamrock Bones (B 74161).

Moacir Rodrigues Soares was a prominent artist for the Brazilian production of Disney comics. He worked for the local licensee from 1972 until 1994 and again in 2001-2002, and mainly drew stories with 'Goofy', 'Mickey Mouse', 'Donald Duck' and 'José Carioca'. Prior to this he worked on short-lived adventure comics like 'Targo', 'Zhor O Atlanta' and 'No Mundo Dos Gigantes' for the publishers Taika and GEP. Moacir's younger brothers Irineu Soares Rodrigues and Verci Rodrigues de Mello were also artists of Disney comics. Since 1989 the three brothers work through their own studio MW Editora e Ilustrações.

Targo by Moacir Rodrigues

Early life and career
Moacir Rodrigues Soares was born in Bilac, São Paulo, in 1950. The Rodrigues family eventually moved to Japurá in the state of Paraná, where the three brothers grew up reading the Disney comic books by Editora Abril. However, the artist began his career drawing in a realistic style, inspired by the American artist Russ Manning. For Editora Taika (previously known as Editora Outubro), he was one of the artists for 'Targo', a blatant 'Tarzan' rip-off drawn in previous years by Rodolfo Zalla. The scripts during Moacir's tenure in the late 1960s and early 1970s were written by Francisco de Assis. Rodrigues Soares also contributed to the Taika horror anthology like 'Clássicos de Terror'. In 1973 he was an artist of 'Zhor O Atlanta', about a mythological warrior from Atlantis. The scripts were also by De Assis, and Taika's single 'Zhor' anthology also featured stories drawn by Walmir Amaral.

No Mundo Dos Gigantes
In 1970 he and Paulo Hamasaki were the artists of 'No Mundo Dos Gigantes', an original sci-fi series starring a hero called Jony Star. It was created by Gedeone Malagola for the comic book series Edições Gep of Brazilian Marvel licensee Gráfica Editora Penteado (GEP), but didn't last long. Moacir Rodrigues Soares additionally served as a cover artist for the Brazilian editions of DC comic books by Editorial Ebal.

Supergoof by Moacir Rodrigues
Superpateta (Supergoof)- 'O Torneio Dos Super-Heróis' (Almanaque Disney #48, 1975).

Disney comics
Between 1971 and 1974 Moacir Rodrigues Soares worked directly for the Walt Disney Studios in the USA on about thirty stories for their production aimed at foreign licensees. His association with the Brazilian production of Disney comics began in 1972, when he was hired by Editora Abril. His younger brother Irineu joined the team a couple of months later, followed in 1978 by Verci. Although he started out drawing stories with 'Donald Duck' and his entourage, Moacir was mainly known for drawing the funny adventures of 'Goofy' and his superhero counterpart 'Supergoof'. During the 1980s he also drew little of thirty stories with 'José Carioca', the anthropomorphic parrot from the 1942 Disney movie 'Saludos Amigos', who especially knew a large popularity in the Brazilian comic books. José's universe was expanded in the Brazilian stories by his fiancee Rosita Vaz, his nephews Zica and Zeca and other characters.

Almanaque Disney by Moacir RodriguesTio Patinhas by Moacir Rodrigues

Between 1973 and 1975 Moacir drew thirteen adventure stories with Mickey Mouse and Goofy which also starred the detective Shamrock Bones. The main plot of the series dealt with the threesome chasing the Phantom Blot and a host of other Disney villains around the globe, and even in space. This attempt to introduce the originally American character to the Brazilian comics was written by Ivan Saidenberg. In the 1980s, the artist's story production declined and he became one of the main cover artists for Zé Carioca, Margarida, Almanaque do Peninha, the Disney Especial series and other Brazilian Disney publications. His association with Abril ended for the first time in 1994, when the local production collapsed. He briefly returned to his trade in 2001 and 2002, when he illustrated some new 'Mickey Mouse' stories.

Zé Carioca - O Coroné Zé Buscapé (B 820080)
Zé Carioca - 'O Coroné Zé Buscapé' (B 820080).

The artist was allegedly also involved in the creation of the 'Disney Babies' for Disney Consumer Products in the mid-1980s. The characters became a big hit in France, where Claude Marin drew comic book series with the characters from 1986 on.

MW Editora e Ilustrações
In 1989 Moacir founded his own company MW Editora e Ilustrações in São Paulo, where he was eventually joined by his brothers. They have since then mainly focused on illustrating educational and children's books and doing commercial art assignments like character design, logo design and animations.

One of Moacir's best-known post-Disney creations was the rabbit Pascoal, who served as a mascot for Lacta chocolate during the annual Easter festivities. The group has furthermore worked on new comics projects such as 'Wakay - O Guardião da Floresta', 'Os Vigilantes Ambientais' (2013), 'Curumim de Ouro' (2016), an adaptation of 'Treasure Island' ('Ilha do Tesouro', 2018) by Lucia Nobrega, and series of booklets based on classical fairy tales ('Contos Clássicos', 'Histórias Clássicas'). His son Moacir Rodrigues Soares Junior (born in 1973) joined the company later on.

Ilha do Tesouro
'Ilha do Tesouro'.

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