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Marnix Rueb

(11 April 1955 - 23 October 2014, The Netherlands)  Netherlands

Marnix  Rueb

Haagse Harry by Marnix Rueb

Marnix Rueb was born and bred in The Hague, Holland - as is his popular character 'Haagse Harry' ('Harry from The Hague'). This comic became famous for its use of the phonetically written slang of The Hague's lower class. Although hard to read for anyone who's not from the city, Harry became an instant success all over The Netherlands.

Marnix Rueb passed away from lungcancer on 23 October 2014.

Haagse Harry by Marnix Rueb

Advertising artist and illustrator Rueb was a stranger to comics when he introduced his character in the cartoons and illustrations he made for the local paper Doen in 1991. He later featured the character in a weekly comic strip, and the first book, 'Kap Nâh!!', was released in 1994. The book has sold over 140,000 copies, a record in a time when comic book sales were in decline.

Haagse Harry, by Marnix Rueb
Haagse Harry and the Royal family

Several new albums have been self-published by Rueb, and Harry's numerous fans can to enjoy his witticisms on a daily basis with the 'Haagse Harry' daily calendar. Together with Sjaak Bral, Rueb is also the co-author of the "official" spelling guide of the Hague dialect, called 'Ut Groen-Geile Boekie'. Rueb's characer has additionally hosted Pierre Wind's cookbook 'Lekkah!'.

Haagse Harry, by Marnix Rueb


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