Les Petits Hommes by Pierre Seron
Les Petits Hommes - Le Trou Blanc

Born in Chenée, Pierre Seron studied fine arts at the Saint-Luc Institute in Liège. He worked as a decorator at the Liège Grand-Bazar, before entering the comics field. He started out assisting Dino Attanasio, Mittéï and Maurice Maréchal on their series, occasionally using the pseudonym Foal. After these apprenticeships, he presented his own comic series to the magazine Spirou, called 'Les Petits Hommes'. This series, about the inhabitants of a small village who are shrunk by a meteorite, was first published in Spirou in 1967.

cover illustration by Pierre Seroncover illustration by Pierre Seron
cover illustrations for Spirou issues 2056 and 2135

Seron has worked on this series for over 40 years. Seron made the early installments with scriptwriter and journalist Albert Despréchins, but it was with the scripts of Mittéï (who used the pen name Hao) that the series matured. Since the 1980s Seron has written the scripts himself. From then on, Seron has done several graphic and storytelling experiments in his stories, such as a world with inverted colors ('Le Planète Ranxerox', 1985), a cross-over with a 'Scrameustache' album by Gos ('Le Pickpocket', 1985), a story set in several dimensions at the same time ('Voyage entre 2 Mondes', 1990), a cross-over with his own 'Aurore et Ulysse' series ('Le Vulcan d'Or', 1988), and a story set in a video game ('Duels', 1999).

Aurore et Ulysse meet Les Petits Hommes, by Pierre Seron
Aurore et Ulysse meet Les Petits Hommes in 'Le Vulcan d'Or

In addition to his work on 'Les Petits Hommes', Seron used the pseudonym Foal again to create 'La Famille Foal' in Pif Gadget from 1973 to 1976. This series was collected in two books by Soleil Productions under the title 'La Famille Martin'. In 1978, he began a second series for Spirou, called 'Aurore et Ulysse'. This myhological comic about two centaurs ran until 1986, with several stories written by Stephen Desberg.

Aurore et Ulysse, by Pierre Seron
Aurore et Ulysse

Since 1999 Seron does a saucy variation of his main series for P&T Productions and Joker Editions, called 'Les Petites Femmes'. In 2008 he illustrated a volume in the series 'Les Fondus' by Hervé Richez and Christophe Cazenove for Bamboo publishers ('Les Fondus de la Pêche').

Les Petits Femmes by Pierre Seron
Les Petits Femmes

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